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     Our team includes a Scientific Team Coordinator, Roger J. Bolhouse, who is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the case reviews to be performed by our forensic scientists.  Mr. Bolhouse also is our primary expert in trace evidence examination.  He was an officer with the Michigan State Police (ďMSPĒ) for 26 years, including 22 years in the MSPís crime laboratory system.  He retired in 2000 as Director of the MSPís Grand Rapids Laboratory and currently is a forensic scientist with Speckin Forensic Laboratories in Okemos, Michigan.

Robert P. Bianchi is a former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration Special Testing and Research Laboratory in McLean, Virginia.

Michael A. Evans, Ph.D., is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Toxicology Laboratories located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Patricia P. Hamby has over thirty years of experience in forensic serology and has been a criminalist in several law enforcement crime laboratories.

Edward E. Hueske is a firearms and toolmark expert who retired as a Supervising Criminalist with the Arizona Department of Public Safety in 1996.

Karen L. Irish retired in 2003 as the Director of the Forensic Services Section of the Baltimore County Police Department.

Michael Sinke spent 20 years as a forensic scientist with the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory and is a questioned document examiner with Speckin Forensic Laboratories.

Rick W. Staub, Ph.D., has a doctorate in genetics and is a Director of Operations at Orchid Cellmark.

Mark D. Stolorow is a General Manager with Orchid Cellmark and has been a forensic serologist for over 30 years.

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