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     Our Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of three renowned forensic scientists and retired crime laboratory managers, has worked closely on the investigation.  Each member of the Scientific Advisory Board has visited the Crime Lab and Property Room, participated in interviews, and performed preliminary reviews of cases analyzed by the Crime Lab.  In addition, throughout the investigation, we have held regular weekly teleconferences with the Scientific Advisory Board in order to apprise it of the status of the investigation and to receive the members’ input and guidance.  The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

Margaret Kuo retired as Deputy Director of Forensic Science Services after 27 years with the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office.  Among other things, Ms. Kuo has participated in or led approximately 30 crime laboratory inspections or audits.

Douglas M. Lucas is the retired Director of the Centre of Forensic Sciences of the Province of Ontario, Canada.  Among his many leadership positions in the forensic science community, Mr. Lucas is a past president of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (“ASCLD”) and has led approximately 13 accreditation inspections performed by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (“ASCLD/LAB”) as well as audits of 12 other crime laboratories.

Bruce W. Vander Kolk retired in 2001 as the Commander of the Illinois State Forensic Sciences Command, where he oversaw the operations of eight regional forensic science laboratories and a research and development laboratory.  During his career, Mr. Vander Kolk has, among other things, served on the strategic planning committee as well as the Board of Directors of ASCLD.





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